​                         TOILET REBATE PROGRAM 

                            Made possible by Union Pacific

Toilets are typically the largest indoor water user. To encourage residential water customers to replace their old toilets with efficient, water conserving models, the Corbett Water District is offering a rebate program through funding provided by Union Pacific. Under the program, Corbett Water District residential customers can receive a $100 rebate per toilet (maximum of 2) for replacing older inefficient toilets with high efficiency toilets (HETs). The rebate will be a credit applied to the purchaser's water account. Rebates are available on a first come, first serve basis. The program will end when funds are depleted. 

​Requirements for the rebate:

1.    Your Corbett Water District account must be in good standing.

2.    The new toilet must be a Watersense toilet on the approved EPA            list found at www.epa.gov/watersense.

3.    You must own and live at the property where the new toilet is         being installed.

4.    The toilet must be installed at the address associated with your         Corbett Water District account.

5.    The customer must provide a copy of the purchase receipt which         clearly specifies the brand/model of the new toilet and your name      as purchaser (this may require you to obtain a receipt from the         customer service department).

6.    In order to be eligible for the rebate, old toilets must be recycled       at an approved location and a recycle receipt must be submitted         with the rebate application.

        Approved recycling centers:
            E.C.R. Environmentally Conscious Recycling
            12409 NE San Rafael St.
            Portland, OR 97294
            Ph: 503-253-0867

            Metro Transfer Stations
            6161 NW 61st. Ave.
            Portland, OR 97210
            Ph:  503-234-3000

           S&H Landscape Products & Supply (Tualatin)
           20200 SW Stafford Rd.
           Tualatin, OR 97062
           Ph: 503-638-1011

7.    Applications for the rebate must be received by the Corbett Water
      District within 60 days of the new toilet purchase. Rebates are              available until the funds are depleted.

8.    Rebates are limited to two toilets per customer.

Please click on the following tab to download the toilet rebate program application: 

(Present this application for a 10% discount on the purchase 
of a low flush toilet at Lowe’s in Wood Village)