Reservoirs store fully treated potable water close to the point of distribution. Our reservoirs perform several functions including ensuring sufficient head of water in the water distribution system to even out peak demand from consumers, and enabling the treatment plant to run at optimum efficiency. 

Please see the instructions below for viewing our reservoir levels on Cabbage Hill, Mershon, Larch Mountain and Loudon Road, as well as the water consumption at Cabbage Hill and Larch Mountain.

Log onto:
User name: CWD
Password: CWD
Water consumption at Cabbage Hill - After logging onto the site, click on DATA located on the left side of the screen, then on FLOW DATA. Next, click on the bargraph icon to see how much water is being used in the west end of Corbett.
Water levels - After logging onto the site, click on the green icon of which reservoir you would like to check. Then click on "Supergraph". This will show you the water level history of the chosen reservoir.