Budget Message

At Corbett Water District, we take pride in providing clean, safe drinking water to members of the community. Within this budget document, you will find detailed information regarding the District’s forecasted revenues and expenditures. These are good faith estimates on what will be spent and received throughout the 2017-2018 fiscal year. It will also address the projects and other deciding factors used when compiling the budget. We are prioritizing projects listed in the Master Plan, and this year we will be focusing on PRV’s within the system, as well as other projects as needed throughout the year.

Achievements during the 2016/2017 fiscal year

Completion of 11 projects from start to finish, including a new PRV station 
        and waterline projects.
Numerous upgrades performed at the treatment plant and headworks.
Purchase of new vac trailer to assist in projects within the District.
Various updates to insure the District is now safety compliant.

Plans for the 2017/2018 fiscal year

PRV station upgrades and repairs.
Complete unfinished projects within the system.
Repair and inspection on filter pond 1.
Reservoir cleaning and inspections.
Completion of sanity survey.
Begin meter replacement project.


Net Working Capital, or carry over from the current 2017-2018 fiscal year, is expected to be $632,500.

Previously Levied Taxes are estimated at $4,892. These are taxes levied in previous years that are being paid during the 2017-2018 budget year. 

Hydrant Reimbursement is estimated at $10,000. This payment is from Multnomah County Fire District #14 to help pay for the cost of installing new hydrants, and maintaining the current hydrants in the system.

Interest generated by the General Fund is estimated at $1,000.

One new Service Connection is estimated to generate $5,000.

Water Sales are estimated to generate $400,000.

Base Rate charges are estimated to generate $170,000. 

Filter Pond Temporary Base Rate charge is estimated to generate $44,500. This charge will end on March 17, 2018.

Taxes Necessary to Balance Budget is based on the permanent tax rate of $0.5781 per $1,000 of assessed value, which is expected to generate approximately $170,000 during the 2017-2018 fiscal year. This estimate takes into consideration the taxable value of property within the District boundaries as of October 2016. 

Total Resources: $1,437,895


Personnel Services:

The Personnel Services category provides funding for District Employees’ wages and benefits. Costs comply with the personnel manual, as well as federal, state and local laws.

Wages are proposed at $246,460.

Cost of Living is proposed at $6,408. Resolution 2000.02a states the Portland consumer price index will be used to calculate the increase for cost of living.

Health Insurance is proposed at $15,600. In August 2012 the Board of Commissioners decided to contribute $325 per month towards full time District employee’s health insurance premiums, to be prorated for part time staff.  

On Call Pay is proposed at $10,400 to compensate employees while remaining on call after hours.

Overtime is proposed at $10,500. Overtime pay is for unforeseen emergencies that may arise that require District staff to work additional hours over the regular 40 hour per week work schedule.

Pension is proposed at $38,384. The rate for the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) will increase from 11.08% to 14.02% on July 1, 2017. Rates will be recalculated for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. 

Unemployment is proposed at $33,040. This has increased over the prior couple of years due to employment separation.

Social Security & Medicare are proposed at $21,595. This is based off of regular and temporary employee pay, as well as overtime pay.

Temporary Help is proposed at $8,000. Temporary help will be utilized during emergencies and during large projects that require additional assistance. 

Worker’s Compensation is proposed at $5,218. The Worker’s Compensation insurance policy provides coverage for injury of an employee while working on the job. 

Total Personnel Services: $395,605

Materials and Services:

Audit is proposed at $5,600. This will fund an audit of our financial records for the 2016-2017 fiscal year, as well as the Secretary of State filing fee. 

Building & Grounds are proposed at $1,500. This provides funding of maintenance and repair on and around the office building, shop, yard and parking lot.  

Chemicals & Lab Samples are proposed at $23,000. This provides funding for chlorine & soda ash, as well as lab sampling throughout the year. It also covers the cost of reporting to the state.

Training/Education is proposed at $2,700. This provides education for both staff and commissioners. 

Computer is proposed at $3,000 for technical support and maintenance on computers. We would like to acquire software through CUSI to offer customers a paperless billing option. 

Cross Connection is proposed at $1,000 for the annual Oregon Health Authority cross connection fee, backflow certifications, and miscellaneous parts. ¬¬¬¬¬

Elections are proposed at $0. No new positions will be up for election during the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Positions 1, 3, & 5 will be up for election in May of 2019.

Engineering & Surveys are proposed at $2,000 for the annual engineer of record fee, and questions on PRV stations, easements, treatment plant and hydro.

Equipment, Machinery and Safety is proposed at $4,000. This includes safety gear for the crew, such as boots, rain coats, gloves, and face masks. It also includes lift out harnesses, flashlights and other such equipment that may be needed for safety purposes.

Filter/Treatment Plant Repairs are proposed at $15,000. This includes all necessary repairs to the treatment plant and filter ponds. We anticipate this category to be higher during the 2017-2018 fiscal year due to the upcoming filter pond maintenance.

Fire Hydrant Repairs are proposed at $5,000 for maintenance on current fire hydrants installed within the system. Multnomah County Fire District #14 will pay for half of the maintenance cost, which will be listed under the General Fund, Revenue section of the budget.

Fuel is proposed at $11,000. This includes unleaded, diesel, furnace oil, and propane.

Hydro is proposed at $2,000 for repairs and maintenance.

Insurance and Bonds are proposed at $21,000. This includes property, auto and liability insurance. It also covers highway encroachment bonds for state and county roads, and a security bond for the District Manager, clerks, and check signers.

Lease Expense is proposed at $2,100 for road access to the Treatment Plant and North/South Forks. This also covers the Treatment Plant lease and LPG tank rental.

Legal is proposed at $5,000 to pay for legal services beyond the Special District’s Association of Oregon coverage.  

Mains are proposed at $16,000 for maintenance and repair of the distribution system and controls.  

Membership Fees are proposed at $2,000 for membership fees, including SDAO and OAWU.  

Meter Repairs are proposed at $8,000. This is for maintenance and repairs of meters. The cost of parts increased in 2014 due to the no lead rule.

Office Supplies/Equipment & Postage is proposed at $13,500. This covers office supplies and postage, including the mailing of newsletters and customer bills.

Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV’s) Repairs are proposed at $15,000. We plan to repair and update the majority of the PRV stations within the system during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Reservoir Repairs is proposed at $7,000. This provides funding for maintenance and repairs of our reservoirs, including cleaning and the annual cathodic protection.

Sanitary Survey is proposed at $4,800. This survey is conducted by the Oregon Health Authority and will take place during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Security is proposed at $1,500. This includes alarm fees and other such items that will help ensure the safety of District property.

Taxes & Interest are proposed at $65. This is for the property tax at Reservoir 4.

Telemetry System is proposed at $1,900. The telemetry system allows us to monitor the reservoirs and receive notifications if the water drops below a designated level.

Tools & Shop Expense is proposed at $2,500. This covers a variety of hand tools, power tools and shop supplies.

TSCC (Tax Supervising and Conservation Commission) fees are $500 per year. They monitor the District’s budgets, and provide training and assistance as needed.

Utilities are proposed at $11,000. This covers the cost of power, garbage, and communication services for the District. 

Vehicle (Repairs & Maintenance) is proposed at $6,000. This is for repairs and maintenance of District vehicles. 

Total Materials & Services: $193,665

Capital Outlay:

Treatment Plant is proposed at $10,000. This includes replacement of electrical circuits and wiring, and TV survey of filter pond effluent lines to clearwell.

Filter Pond 1b is proposed at $20,000 to remove the top layer of media, perform flow tests, and replace media if deemed necessary. 

Fire Hydrant is proposed at $5,000. This is to fund the installation of one new hydrant. This has decreased from previous years as our work will focus on maintenance on the systems infrastructure. Multnomah County Fire District #14 will pay for half of the installation and material cost, which will be listed under the General Fund, Revenue section of the budget. We plan to increase this category next fiscal year.

Ground Water is proposed at $50,000 to begin the permitting process of installing a well.

Meters are proposed at $50,000. This is to replace outdated water meters that no longer read accurately. We plan to replace all the meters within the District within a 3 year period.

New Equipment-Vehicles are proposed at $0. No new vehicles are planned to be purchased during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

North Fork is proposed at $8,000. This will be used to purchase a fish ladder or large rock, which will allow easier passage for fish in Gordon Creek.

Pressure Reducing Stations (PRV’s) are proposed at $0. We plan to update our existing PRV stations this year, and do not plan on installing new stations at this time.

Reservoirs are proposed at $0. Please see the materials and services category for description on reservoir maintenance this fiscal year.

Treatment Plant Computer System is proposed at $4,500 for replacement due to harsh hazards (chlorine) at the Treatment Plant. $3,500 is to carry over from last year, and an additional $1,000 will be set aside this year. 

System Improvement is proposed at $20,000. We plan to postpone waterline replacements this fiscal year and instead focus on system maintenance and repair. 

Total Capital Outlay: $167,500

Other Expenditures:

Operating Contingency is proposed at $143,789. This was calculated based upon 10% of appropriations and can be spent in the case of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

Unappropriated Ending Fund Balance is proposed at $398,875. These funds will allow the District to operate during the first part of the 2018-2019 fiscal year. 

Debt Service:

Annual loan payments are to be made in the amount of $138,458. A letter of interest was submitted to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) in May 2001, which earned the reservoir and water treatment plant improvement project enough priority points to quality for SRLF money. Application was made for the $1.5 million to the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department (OECDD) and subsequently approved. The District entered into a loan agreement on November 12, 2002 with an annual percentage rate of 4.1%. Water rates were increased effective July 1, 2002 in the form of a Reservoir Rate Surcharge. In 2004 the Board of Commissioners authorized an additional $600,000 of loan proceeds with a new interest rate of 3.5%. The OECDD loan is scheduled to be paid off in December 2025.