Corbett Water District bills bi-monthly and payments are due on the 15th of the odd months. 

Please read the following rules and regulations adopted by the Corbett Water District Board of Commissioners:

Computation of Charges
Charges for service will be based on water consumption and meter size. The District will establish a monthly “minimum charge” for up to the first 1,000 gallons, or 100 cubic feet, based upon the size of the meter. The minimum charge will be the actual average cost to the District of providing water service. The District will also establish a “per 1,000 gallon” charge for water used in excess of 1,000 gallons, or "per 100 cubic feet" charge for water used in excess of 100 cubic feet, based on the actual average cost per gallon of providing water service to customers. 

Billing Practices, Termination of Service for Non-Payment
The District will bill each customer every other month  (on the odd month) for water service. Charges for water service are due and payable on the Due Date printed on the bill.  If the payment is not received at the District by the Due Date, the bill becomes delinquent on the fifth business day after which a Late Notice will be sent to the customer and a Late Fee will be added to the delinquent amount. The Late Fee amount will be $10 or 10% of the dollar amount of the water use, whichever is greater.  If the payment is not received at the District by the 15th day past the Due Date, a Shutoff Notice will be posted prominently at the customer location, usually on the doorknob of the customer’s entry way door, and an additional $20 Service Charge will be added to the delinquent amount of the bill.  If payment is not received at the District within 48 hours of the posting of the Shutoff Notice, the District will terminate and disconnect the customer's water service and an additional $50 service charge will be assessed before service is reinstated.

Water service disconnected for lack of payment of bills may not be restored until the District receives, in cash or cash equivalent, payment in full of all past due bills, including applicable service charges and Late Fees, plus costs actually incurred by the District in connection with such bills, including, without limitation, legal fees and expenses and costs of collection or collection attempts.  In cases of extreme hardship, the District Manager will have the discretion to waive delinquencies and to renew service to a delinquent account upon receipt of a satisfactory installment plan for the payment of the overdue amount.

If water is turned on without written District authority during the period of any delinquency, the service will be deemed an Illegal Connection and the District staff will notify the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department that an illegal Service connection has been made then remove the illegal connection. Notification shall be left on the premises of the actions taken with instructions to contact the District office.  Before reconnection, the customer must reapply for a “new” service and must pay a reconnection fee based on time and material of all disconnection, lockout, reconstruction, late fees, and reconnection of service, including deposit for a “new” service.  In addition, if the service is to be restored after regular business hours, an additional $100 fee will be assessed to pay the overtime labor rate of the technician dispatched to reconnect the service.

Payments are to be mailed to the Corbett P.O. Box listed on the bill or delivered to the Corbett Water District Office, 36120 East Historic Columbia River Highway, Corbett, OR.  Bi-monthly payment can also be made by ACH (Automated Clearing House) by means of automatic check withdrawal after arrangements have been made through the Corbett Water District.  

Visit the "Payments" tab for more information on how to pay your bill.