March 19, 2019
7:15 p.m.
Corbett Fire Hall, 36930 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy. Corbett

directly following the Budget Meeting



April 25, 2018

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Jack Garrison, Jeff Hargens, Kevin Wilhelm and Sara Grigsby (Sara arrived at 6:45 p.m.)
STAFF PRESENT: Assistant Clerk Lynda Ronell and District Clerk Gail Griffith 
AUDIENCE MEMBERS Malcolm Freund and Gordon Fulks
  President Jeff Hargens called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Jeff Hargens said he would like to add Southfork Intake as item 5a to the Agenda. Jack Garrison made a motion to approve the Agenda as modified by adding item 5a Southfork Intake. All were in favor, motion carried. (3 yes votes: K.Wilhelm, J.Garrison & J.Hargens 0 no votes) 


Jeff Hargens asked if there were any corrections to the March 20, 2018 regular Board meeting minutes. Kevin Wilhelm made a motion the minutes of the March 20, 2018 regular Board meeting be approved as printed. Jack Garrison seconded, all were in favor, motion carried. (3 yes votes: K.Wilhelm, B.Gaughan & J.Garrison 0 no votes) 

Kevin Wilhelm made a motion to approve the April 3, 2018 Budget Committee Meeting minutes as presented. Jack Garrison seconded, all were in favor, motion carried. (3 yes votes: K.Wilhelm, B.Gaughan & J.Garrison 0 no votes) 

(Board Member Sara Grigsby arrived at this point in the meeting 6:45 p.m.) 


Account #7345-00: The Board reviewed the information including the Leak Adjustment Request summary and other documents in Board packets. Customer was not present. Discussion of leak information. The water was turned off on November 13, 2017. This was an extremely large leak. This is the second leak at the property. This leak extended over two billing periods. Jeff Hargens made a motion that account number 7345-00 January 8, 2018 billing of 503 units be reduced to their six month average, prior to the leak, of 1.5 units. Jack Garrison seconded, all were in favor, motion carried. (4 yes votes: K.Wilhelm, J.Hargens, S.Grigsby & J.Garrison 0 no votes) Kevin Wilhelm recommended suggested the customer be notified that if she will be away from the property for an extended period of time she should shut the meter off.  

Jeff Hargens reported he and Jeff Busto had a field trip to the Southfork intake. There is considerable blow down across all of the intake structure. “It is a mess.” Jeff Hargens continued that he researched information on buffers required for logging near streams and it suggests there should have been a 70 foot buffer, not 15 foot. The 15 foot buffer that was left is no longer there as many of the trees have blown down. 

Jeff Hargens would like the Boards’ permission to go with Jeff Busto and meet with the State Forester and see their work plan and discuss how we can prevent this in the future and what restoration they will do to clean up our intake structure. The intake is unusable now.  

Sara Grigsby made a motion that Jeff Hargens, Jeff Busto and potentially one other Board member, if available, meet with the State Forester to deal with the Southfork intake disaster ASAP. Kevin Wilhelm seconded, all were in favor, motion carried. (4 yes votes: K.Wilhelm, J.Hargens, S.Grigsby & J.Garrison 0 no votes)  

Discussion regarding the District being notified about harvest permits near the watershed. Discussion of the watershed not being on record with the Forester. Thinning and clear cut logging buffers are not the same.  

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Jeff Hargens said there are two issues, why is this allowed and we do not want it allowed in the future and who will be responsible for cleaning up the mess and how can we get compensated for the current problem. Further discussion. Jeff Hargens said he has been reading a very complex manual regarding the riparian zones. It appears that no rules were followed related to logging in the area. Jeff Hargens continued that the State Forester needs to tell him he is wrong in how he is reading the manual. Jack Garrison noted that Frank Lumber has been logging for a long time and they know the rules.  

Sara Grigsby had no written Treasurers Report. Sara Grigsby reported she reviewed all the bank statements and revenue and expense report in the Board packet. She said she discussed the information with the District Clerk at the office. Sara Grigsby recommended that the Bank Statements no longer be included in the Board packets, since there are reports provided that give all of the details and that comparing the Statements to the reports is more of a responsibility of the treasurer. Short discussion. In general the Board members said they would like the Bank statements to be included. 

Jack Garrison asked why the Checking account balance was over $90,000 since the interest rate in the LGIP account is better. The District Clerk explained that was an error on her part and she knew it was going to come up. She apologized for not keeping the amount lower. Discussion of interest rates.  

Sara Grigsby made a motion the March 2018 financial statements be approved as presented. Jack Garrison seconded, all were in favor, motion carried. (4 yes votes: K.Wilhelm, J.Hargens, S.Grigsby & J.Garrison 0 no votes)

The Board reviewed the information from their Board packet regarding both the renewal information with Special District Insurance Service and the quote from SAIF for Workers Compensation coverage. Short Discussion. The Board made no changes to the coverage and the District will continue with SDIS as the Workers Compensation carrier. Volunteers, including Board members will not be covered. The District will remain a medical reimbursing employer for small medical claims. The District Clerk stated the District has a Loss Control Policy, (copy was given to Board) which needs to be reviewed yearly. The District Clerk said the “self insured annual evaluation” needs to be completed. If the Board has no objection the District Manager, Jeff Busto can complete this form. The Board came to a consensus that Jeff Busto should complete the Loss Control Policy review for the District.  

The Board received a copy of the current Leak Adjustment policy with changes recommended by staff. 
President Hargens said this item should be tabled until next month so the District Manager will be present for the discussion.  

Sara Grigsby commented that the word “prompt” be changed, it is a loaded word. She continued that “proof” should be defined. The District Clerk noted that sometimes if a customer finds and fixes a leak during a billing cycle they don’t keep receipts or pictures because they don’t know they will be asking for an adjustment until they receive a very large water bill. Jack Garrison said we need to get this policy down in very clear words, send it out in the yearly bulletin and put on the website and it is up to the customers to read the policy. Discussion about the customers need to be educated on how to check to see if their meter is moving.  

The office staff and District Manager will work to prepare a new draft leak adjustment policy for the next meeting.  

DRAFT RESOLUTION 2018-04-25 AMENDMENT TO RESOLUTION 1999.02 Wage and Salary- Cost of Living
First reading of resolution related to changing which consumer price index will be used as a basis to determine the cost of living adjustments for employees payroll. There is a copy of the resolution posted at the District office. Second reading of the resolution will be at the May 15, 2018 Board meeting.  

Gordon Fulks asked if the District was keeping up with wages in the industry. Jeff Hargens said he thought the District was behind. 
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District Manager Jeff Busto was not in attendance. Any questions regarding the report will be brought up next month.  

The District Clerk addressed the Board regarding a prior issue in the Manager’s report related to the sanitary survey and water samples. She showed the Board a copy of the new draft Lab Sample calendar. This calendar was developed with District Manager Jeff Busto and Utility Worker I Steve Smith who takes the samples. All tests are set to be done on Wednesdays and the calendar will be updated as test requirements change, new tests added or tests removed.  

Gordon Fulks said at the recent American Geological Society meeting they had information regarding snow pack measurements. He said they reported our area had gone from below normal to normal. 

Those noted during the meeting.

Sara Grigsby said she attended the Earthquake readiness at the Grange. There were representatives from Multnomah County Environmental Management on earthquake readiness. There is a powerpoint presentation that Sara will send out to the Board members for information. She noted that many questions were about water and since the District Manager was unable to be at the meeting the public got the wrong impression that there would be no problem with getting water. Sara Grigsby continued that we need to talk about the top five things people need to be ready for in case of any major emergency. Jack Garrison noted the Board had also discussed the need to have a plan or policy related to how we will address a drought situation and get the information out to the public. Assistant Clerk Lynda Ronell noted that District Manager Jeff Busto did place a statement on facebook related to water availability during a major earthquake. Jeff Busto can address this information at the next Board meeting. 

Kevin Wilhelm left the meeting at this point 8:00 p.m. 

The District Clerk asked if the Board had any objections to the District sending out a second newsletter in the Fall in addition to the newsletter we send out in June. There were no objections.  

Jeff Hargens said he would like to add an agenda item to discuss hiring a firm to help the District get another water source, such as a well and work with the District from start to finish on the project. The amount of water we have available in the summer is scary. Short discussion on drilling a well. We need to get the geologists, engineer and well driller all together.  

The District Clerk noted the Board will also need to address the change of use of the Filter Pond 1b funds.

Jack Garrison asked if we could have a report from the Manager on whether the Fire District will be providing funds for maintenance of the hydrants.  



Jeff Hargens made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m. Sara Grigsby seconded, all were in favor, motion carried. (3 yes votes: J.Hargens, S.Grigsby & J.Garrison 0 no votes)

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