Our goal at Corbett Water District is to provide clean, safe water for the community. We were founded in 1932 and try to provide the same level of service throughout the years. Inside our website you can pay your bill, receive an application for water service, view water quality reports, and much more.

January and February 2019

We are replacing all the meters in  the Corbett Water District system with new radio read meters. 

There will be a contractor in the area during January and February 2019 changing old meters out for new. 

When your meter is changed we will need to shut your water off. 

 The shutoff shouldn't last for more than thirty minutes.  When your water service is turned back on there may be some discoloration in the water and possibly air in the line.  We recommend you run the water in your kitchen sink, bathtub and possibly an outside faucet for a few minutes until the water clears and air is released from the line.  

Please call our office 503-695-2284 if you have any questions and thank you for your patience during the transition to new meters.