Our goal at Corbett Water District is to provide clean, safe water for the community. We were founded in 1932 and try to provide the same level of service throughout the years. Inside our web site you can find information on the projects the District is working on, water service applications, water quality reports, minutes and agendas, backflow surveys and contact information.

Due to the increasing hot weather, we are asking the community to check our website before watering to make sure there are adequate levels in the reservoirs. Please follow the below instructions to view the reservoir levels online.
Log onto: 123mc.com
User name: CWD
Password: CWD

To view water levels: After logging onto the site, you will be able to see the icon representing the water reservoir closest to you. If the icon is green you may water, however if the icon is red we ask that you refrain from watering as this indicates that the reservoir level is low. 

We appreciate your cooperation with reducing your water use when the reservoir levels are low. This will allow the District to be able to provide drinking water for all community members for the duration of the drier months. 

​*Please note that the level transducer on Loudon Reservoir is currently out of service. Therefore, it will display a blue dot instead of a green dot. This does not indicate low levels.

Occasionally, the pressure regulator valve (PRV) on the water main in the street fails and allows the main line pressure past the meter and into your service line or house plumbing. It is recommended that each customer install a regulator (PRV) on his/her side of the meter to prevent potential damage to customer’s property, if pressure exceeds 80 psi per building code. You might want to install the PRV near your water heater so the outside faucet has full pressure for washing the car or fighting a small brush fire during an emergency, the inside plumbing is then protected by the PRV.
An unusually strong burst of water when the faucet is turned on or fluctuations in pressure while the water is running are both possible indications of a regulator problem. A common symptom of high pressure is a water heater temperature and pressure valve (T&P valve) which will not seat and leaks a little or a lot. Remember that the plumbing code requires the T&P valve overflow be plumbed to an outside drain and never threaded or capped; this prevents unexpected water damage to your floors and furnishings. Low pressure can be caused by particle buildup in the screen which restricts flow through the regulator. When the pressure is excessively low sometimes water cannot be used at two faucets at the same time. A leak or break in your own service line may also reduce the pressure inside your house. You can rule out a leak by checking your meter; check to see if the meter is moving when you are not using water. Please view "Leaks" tab for help on leak detection and how to read your meter.