Our goal at Corbett Water District is to provide clean, safe water for the community. We were founded in 1932. Inside our website you can pay your bill, receive an application for water service, view water quality reports, and much more.
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 Corbett Water District Customers,

         Due to the  hot weather and drought conditions this summer water use in our area  is higher than normal.  We are asking everyone to take some steps to conserve water. 
         If possible please limit non-essential use of water such as car washing, filling pools or ponds, power washing, etc.   
         If possible please water gardens and use irrigation lines between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.  
             Use water wisely. 

 Thank you  
Corbett Water District                      


Corbett Water District
On-Call Engineering and Water System Improvement Projects – 2021
Roster Selection

The following companies were selected for the CWD on-call roster (listed in no particular order).

RH2 Engineering
Gray and Osborne Inc.
Tetra Tech
PACE Engineers Inc.
Civil West Engineering Services

Thank you to all who submitted,
Tom Edwards